Process Paper

Our campaign was on school funding. Originally, I was going to create a poster or some other form of visual media for the project. In the end, Taahir took on that role by himself, and I took control of compiling all of our elements together on our Weebly, while adding some more write ups on our mission and what our topic was.

I feel as if our Weebly is laid out in a effective way that will allow viewers to look at it with ease and grasp what our campaign is about. The website has a Mission page, which comprehensively states what our goal for this campaign is. There is an About page where I had written a write up about what exactly is happening to our schools due to the budget cuts, and the importance of school funding. Above, is a multimedia ad-campaign that was created by Callie. I had placed the ad-campaign above because I had observed that most sights place a more visual way of obtaining knowledge first because it is the quickest and easiest way to gain knowledge about the topic. However, some people do prefer to just read the facts and what the topic is about, which is why I wrote the write up below. I also made a section called „Student Voices,” where I put Andrew’s work. There is a page dedicated to Artwork and Posters, where Taahir is displaying his work. In that section, I also added a little comment at the bottom, inviting other people to send in and artwork or posters that they had created about school funding. I thought by allowing other people to contribute to the artwork and poster section would spread the word or make people more interested to get involved. I also created a page called „Take Action,” created to give people a little insight on what they can do as an individual to help fund our schools. It also has a small section with some up and coming events that people can check out. 

My main goal was to combine all of the information we had learned about in a comprehendible and aesthetically way. I think the website will provide people with a general overview on what is happening in the Philadelphia School District regarding budget cuts, as well as what they can do to help.