Process Paper, Anthony Buchanico



  Process Paper

At the start, Korah, Michael, Tsion and I all had a pretty clear understanding of what was to be accomplished by each person and when we really cared that we had it done by. We hadn’t really strayed too far off task from the main point and showed this by checking up every now and then. Overall I feel as though our group is doing a fair enough job with getting the project done while understanding the limitations and priorities of one-another. A good example of this was the concern with other benchmarks going on at the time. Michael and Korah both have their pre-calculus benchmarks to work on and it was a lot of work for them, so it was better and easier to just let them work on their bits when they could rather than forcing them to abandon their math benchmarks.

This project isn’t difficult in terms of tasks and work. The only real things that make it difficult are the tedious tasks of getting physically involved with your subject and making due with what restrictions you have. For instance, the first goal that our group had in mind was the idea to use birdhouses to represent how one broken birdhouse can ruin the others as a whole. Sadly, our group figured out that birdhouses cost a fair amount of money and that if we wanted to complete this project we would have to dish out about $60 in supplies, which nobody in our group was capable or willing to do. With that we quickly stopped thinking about that aspect of the project and went on with what we were doing. We tried thinking of several ways to replace the birdhouse idea and came close to it, but overall we couldn’t think of something that we were as happy with when we had the bird house.