Process Paper-Arlana Brown English Benchmark

Arlana Brown

Process Paper


Quarter 3 Benchmark



This project overall was a great opportunity to get very influential message across. For this project I was chosen to be in a group dealing with the topic of Neighborhood High Schools. At first I really didn’t know how to tackle this topic but with the help of my group members I was able to accomplish it. We all realized that we had different plans for the future of our campaign, but we all got together and put our creative minds together and this is our product: MARCH FOR EDUCATION!


My first option to present this campaign was to have a video with us stating facts and appealing to youth. The video obviously did not work out but we choose something else. Before we could do anything we needed a motto or slogan. Since our topic was Neighborhood Schools we needed something about education. We each agreed on the motto “It’s either now or never, your education lasts forever.” The motto I believe sets us off very well for a successful campaign. The motto is appealing and gets our point across.

We came in to difficulty with a medium for our project. We choose a Google site but realized it wasn’t too appealing and decided to change it. We put all of our information on and our campaign came to life.


I was in charge of the posters and getting the message across. I choose to use a schoolhouse with a red background because red usually sticks out and gets the message across. With our website we have a picture and a message stating what we are about. I believe the biggest problem was actually figuring out how we would impact the community and get this word out. Saying that we do not go to a neighborhood high school so how would we be able to get this message across? We took a pledge to spread this as best as we could. We are putting it on social media and posting it around our neighborhoods. Our campaign is still growing and we will be near our goal educating everyone.