Process Paper - Homelessness

We all started with a few silent cheers, we all knew how we worked, we all knew that we worked hard, and we all knew that we would be abel to work well with each other.  Our project was focused around the problem of homelessness in Philadelphia, not for any particular age group just in general.  After we had gotten our weaknesses out in the open, and all tried to come up with ways that we could try and keep them from happening, the most successful of which was doing a large amount of the work in class where we could all support each other and keep our selves on track, we started brainstorming ways that we could tell the public about our problem.  

The components that we decided to use were a blog/website, a QR code to get people to that website and some announcements on twitter by Drue.  Of all the components I think that obviously the blog is the most informational but of the other two which were used for getting people to go to the blog the QR code was the most successful, although slightly less so than I had expected.  I thought that it might be able to get us a slow, but steady, stream of people maybe like 10 a day but instead it got somewhere around 60-80 people the first day or two and then almost no one.  I think this was caused by the advertisement of the QR code, we had put in big letters, “FREE MONE, SCAN ME”, then at the bottom, it said “Not really free money but thanks for view our website”, once people started to find out that it wasn’t really what it claimed to be I don’t think it drew in as many people as it could have.  We all contributed to the blog, especially Owen and I we put a lot of the posts on to there along with Dejah.  We posted a lot of the information that we had found on our previous project because we already had the information.  

We ended up with about 253 views to the blog by the end of the recording time although a couple were from when we were testing the QR codes and making sure that it worked. Overall we did pretty well with the project I think, we met all of our deadlines, and we did our best that we could do for advertising with a budget of absolutely zero money.