Process Paper - Literacy (Tucker Bartholomew)

When my group initially got together to discuss ideas, we realized we all had a different vision for how things should be put together. One thing that really helped us combine our different 'visions' was when we individually looked at an ad campaign, and then wrote up reports for the Moodle assignment. This was helpful because it enabled us see what we liked in ad campaigns, and what we thought was effective, and ineffective. While we all liked the idea of the website campaign, and I especially liked the idea of having a simplistic layout, with three different sections for each chapter of research. I ended up dividing our final website out into three sections with a welcome page. This worked nicely because it let us give our information out in pieces, and then use a video as a PSA.

Aja, Quinn, and Nashrah did a great job with the posters we used as part of our ad campaign, but we had to get them out into the world somewhere. Eventually, I was able to set up the posters at a small school in West Philadelphia called Jubilee School. They also let me take some pictures with the students sitting around them. These pictures were crucial for a PSA video I had decided to make because it gave concrete examples of our 'product' being used. I pieced the video together using the pictures I took of the Jubilee kids, and rolling video shots of our own school library. While the visual effects in the video are simplistic, the worded narration is the main focus. I used Stevie Wonder's song, "Higher Ground," not just because it is a great song, but it's sort of an uplifting song. The mood of the video runs synonymously with the theme of our project, which is to motivate people to read.  

            Before the start of this project, literacy percentages for Philadelphia were not something I knew a lot about. Because of my lack of knowledge, I knew that research would be key in how I pieced together my final products. Since I really had to research the topic, I was able to gather a lot of statistical information about our theme. I was able to write descriptions and short essays on the website explaining why literacy is so important, and why it shouldn’t be ignored.

            The biggest challenge of this project was not in content, but in visualization. I did not realize that iWeb was not in use by Apple anymore, and I didn’t find that out until after our website was finished. Luckily, I realized that if I made the project into a keynote and linked the file as a download, I could easily get the link’s URL to the 'public'. The final keynote was really easy to make because I already had the design from the iWeb, and it accurately depicted our research in an informative and effective manner. I'm also able to tell how many times the file is downloaded from the link by looking at the main page on my Cloud app.