proyecto E1 U1 Ariana, Dayanna, Jack, and Aden

Situation #1- 
In this video, Dayanna and Jack decide to have a casual lunch. They engage in normal conversation with their waitress Ariana, and use known hand gestures to ask for things like their check.
​Situation #2- HACE CALOR
In video we explain the weather with an "ordinary" forecast. With Ariana as our weather woman, we explore the weather in Philadelphia, New York, and Boston. 
Situation #3 -​ "La Ruleta de la Fortuna!" 
In this video, Ariana and Dayanna as the contestants for the game show "Wheel of Fortune." They explore the use of the alphabet in a unique setting. See who takes home the prize!
 Situation #4- "Ay dios mio!"
Jack can't open his locker and he doesn't want to be late for class. Watch as Dayanna uses her knowledge of "Numeros" to help her friend out. 

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