Q.4 HipstaShakur

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  • What did you set out to do?
My goal for this project was to show people who I really am, have them enter into my mind and see how I think. I wanted for people to get to know me better because people really don't know anything about me besides the things they heard. 

  • How does your work incorporate the art of storytelling?
My work incorporate the art of storytelling because it tells my stories. Each poem is a story about me and is something that I've been through and experienced. Each poem shows how I handled hard situations, failure and rejections.

  • What do you hope your audience gains from your work?
I hope my audience gets to see me for who I am and not who they think I am.

  • What did you gain from doing this work. 
I gain a sense of expectance from this project. Not from others but from myself. I allowed myself to be open and not care how people treat me after they see my work. I am me and nobody going to change that so they might as well accept me for me.