Q1: Art Slideshow (Justin Peccina)

For this quarter, the art class consisted of three different assignments: Ceiling Tile, Fall Wall Hanging, and Self-Portrait. For each, we were given four to six periods to complete the assignment and hand it in. Completing each assignment made me realize not only a good amount about my preferences in art, but also concepts I can utilize in real life.
For art class, I realized the importance of knowing which mediums you enjoy using. A medium is what you use to complete an art project, such as pencil, paint, or charcoal. In this quarter, I mainly used pencil and paint. I realized that I preferred painting over drawing, but I also realized that some mediums are preferred for certain projects. It is interesting to see which mediums work for which assignment and which do not. For example, paint is a great medium for large scale projects like the ceiling tile, but it is not optimal for shorter periods of time because paint  has to dry before you can paint a new layer again. Thus, mediums like pencil or charcoal are optimal for short projects.
Since certain pieces of art can look better with certain mediums, I haven't found my preferred medium or technique in general yet. I am hoping that the next quarter I can begin to form opinions on which mediums I prefer over the others so that I can use them more and even learn something new about these preferred mediums. 
I can also connect what we did in art to other subjects and classes. The class itself was mostly about how you manage your studio time, and what you can complete in an hour period. With this knowledge, I planned out what I would do each class so I could hand my assignment in on time. Because of this, I was able to learn how to plan out my time for other classes. This means that my process for making art greatly helped in my process of making projects and doing assignments in other classes.
Overall, art class this quarter was a great learning process. I learn a lot about what mediums I like, and what ways I can manage my time to complete assignments. I also gained a great perspective from this class that I can utilize in all of my classes.