Q1- Edgar

This quarter I had several new experiences and was able to use several different mediums to create art. I was able to finish my first ceiling tile ever. I knew I wanted to paint something that would require a lot of effort. I challenged myself by not using the projector to trace my image but instead I took measurements and drew a grid to be able to sketch the painting onto the tile before painting. The tile took me all quarter to complete and which is probably why its the best of all the other art I had create. This was my first time painting anything and I think it turned out pretty good. Another new experience was carving a jack-o-lantern. I decided not to carve all the way through the pumpkin because of the detail that would have to go into it to make it recognizable as Danny DeVito. I knew I would not be a fan of self portraits but I think getting to use chalk pastels would be fun so I decided to use as many as I could. I am glad that I used mediums outside of regular pencils.

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