Q1 Art Medium Level Sydne

This quarter I decided to take things a little slower so I was in the medium category that wasn't easy and wasn't hard. Each week or weeks we got a new assignment that tought us new things about art and process. This quarter I went out of my comfort zone and tried a lot more things I would never do. The self portrait was the hardest because eyes and noses are the hardest thing on the face for me. Looking in a mirror and trying to add the little details to everything. My favorite part of this quarters art was my ceiling tile. Since I came to SLA and saw the ceiling tiles I knew I wanted to make one. In the end I was really proud of my tile, it was a huge art accomplishment for me.

I can't say I'm a artist because I'm not. Everytime I draw or paint I learn something new that expands my skills in the art room.. I'll admit that I am proud of my work but I wish I could do better.. I know, I compare my work to others which discourages me because it seems like everyone is doing better than me and I'm over here like I drew a circle. But everytime I draw something I learn to love what I do and I grow from every experience.

I learned that it's okay to make mistakes and that's why you draw lightly in pencil. You can simply erase and keep it moving. I made so many mistakes drawing everything from my 3 hour sketch to the self portrait. I actually went through a whole eraser throughout this whole process and it's okay. If you don't like the way something you drew looked it's okay to start over. Who knows maybe famous artist from all over the world had the same issue I did. Practice makes perfect well not perfect but better and eventually better becomes great work and great work becomes a work of art that you're really proud of.

I don't really have a lot to say about my art because I really don't like talking about myself and my work, I rather get constructive criticism about my work that will help me grow as person in a advanced art class. Well I hope you enjoy my art