Q1 Benchmark: Book Ending Rewrite

​The link to the new book ending, of Everyday, by David Levithan, is here.

When the project was introduced, I wasn't entirely sure what book I'd write it on. I had a choice between Jazz by Toni Morrison and Everyday by David Levithan.

I had already read Everyday, but I had no passion to do a project on it since the book's ending disappointed me so. I was in the process of readying Jazz, but that book was very hard to follow, and I wasn't concrete in my idea to redesignthe cover idea.

I then had an idea: why not read a book I might potentially like and do something on that? The prospective book was Will Grayson, Will Grayson by David Levithan and John Green. I had began reading the book, and unfortunately lost it.

But, that's beside the point. I had an innovative teacher suggested a splendid idea! Why not rewrite the ending of Everyday?!

I decided that was a swell idea and created an ending I thought was suitable for the end of the book. My intentions for the ending was to give a structured, yet broad, idea of A's life after Rhiannon. I felt like A, the main character, leaving Rhiannon with a suitable boyfriend was fine, but A's life really mattered at the end of the book, and I feel like readers don't get any idea what that might ensue.

My ending included Revered Poole, an antagonist in the story, and I wanted Poole to introduce A to people like his kind. A then meets a soul named Rose, who's just like A, in that Rose goes from body to body. They become "sort of friends" and A decides if there should be an association between them.