Q1 Final Project

I have always thought the ceiling tiles in our school made the students of SLA unique. The colors literally brighten up the room and spread curiosity, inspiration, and memories. As I gaze around the room I see memories of my childhood represented through cartoons. Everyone has a different representation of what was once, and still might be, meaningful to them. This is why I decided to incorporate Pokémon, from my childhood, and Pokémon Go, from the present, into my ceiling tile. It brings a mixture of realities and memories for the students who are here now and those who will be here in the future. This piece took at least 10 hours to complete.

After some inspiration and a confidence boost I finally completed my self portrait after 3 ½ hours. I love drawing silhouettes but what happens in between those lines is an unsolved mystery. Noses and lips were never my specialty but I tried my best, and I think it came out pretty good for my first self portrait. I used only a number two pencil to create an image of myself by looking at picture that I held in my phone, nothing too special. I will continue to look at this portrait when I doubt my future works knowing that I tried my best and succeeded.