Q1 Senior Art

Welcome to Sydne’s Senior Art... This year I’m in the senior art class which means I have two more extra classes to work on my art.  My junior year I enjoyed art so much that I came back to improve my skills. After reading the section we read of Art history I wanted to push myself more to be a better artist. So that means putting more time into each of my art pieces, mixing colors and experimenting with different colors. Using texture and shapes and just going outside the lines. So for the first quarter I tried mixing new colors and painting with texture.

Since we are still getting back into the flow of school and senior year I wanted to be calm and relax, and just enjoy art so I did. For my ceiling tiles I did my all around the world tiles and added Philadelphia and Brazil. I wasn’t really ready for halloween so I didn’t carve a pumpkin like last year but I did dress up with some friends. It was my first time using chalk so it was a experience for me. I did a water lily because when sunlight hits it in certain angles they can make pretty shadows on the water and that was the focus with the chalk, to make shadows and use different shades of black. I had fun for my first time, it was a little messy and hard to get off my fingers but I’d like to try art with chalk again. My self portrait was simple, I picked one of my favorite pictures of myself and just rolled with it.

My favorite piece, and the piece I’m most proud of is the Pocahontas painting. This was a challenge for me because we didn’t have the shades of purple, and blues and greens so I winged it. I noticed that mixing watercolors made the different shades of purples and blues and it came out nicely. It’s been awhile since I’ve used water colors so there was a lot of trial and error. I went against using blues for the tree because it looked to dark with the background so I mixed blue and greens. After the long process of mixing, drying and dabbing the extra water I loved the way the painting came out better than I could imagine.  Overall quarter one work was chill. I’m looking forward to the rest of the year and see what new techniques I’ll learn. The point of this class was to become a better artist and expand on what I already know. I hope you check the next 3 quarters to see how I progressed in art.