Q2- Artist's Statement and Slideshow

Artist's Statement 

This quarter we focused on different art techniques and practicing them instead of completing just big projects like we did a lot last quarter. The assignments were more about learning new skills and repetition than just creating something. I think I learned a lot this quarter because our assignments had us practicing new skills from the sources you gave us. We completed blind contour drawings, a color wheel, and practiced shading with different objects including fruit. None of them were finished pieces, or my best work, but I learned a lot from completing them. One of my favorite assignments though, was the colored pencil portrait we were assigned. I ended up drawing Pedro and the drawing looked just like him, while also having it’s own style. I usually work with pencil, charcoal, or ink when doing a portrait, os I gained a lot from working with a medium I was unfamiliar with. I do hope next quarter we will be able to do both big projects and small assignments while also learning in different mediums of art.