Q2-Stop Motions

The first three projects for the quarter were stop motions. A stop motion is basically when you take pictures to make a video. You can do this by taking pictures of things in progress.
    With my first two stop motions I focused on the things that we do with our hands. The first things that came to mind was food and water. Therefore, I took one picture at the beginning and moved my hand 2 centimeters closer to the Reese's™ cup like I was trying to eat and took a picture. I keep doing this every two centimeters until I took a bite of  the Reese's™ cup. Another part of this stop motion was my friend drinking a bottle of water. The same concept of taking the pictures that was applied to me biting the Reese's™ cup was applied to her reaching for her water bottle and drink it. After taking all those picture i uploaded all of them from my camera to iMovie. I Then, make each picture fit the screen and take up only .2 seconds of the video. This was able to make it so that it would look as if it was a video playing. Sadly this video cannot be uploaded. However, I uploded the video to my blogger account. Here is the post.
    With my third stop motion I took the project a step further by making everyone who agreed to help do a dance. The dance I chose for them to learn was the robot. It was simple and I knew the perfect song that I would play in the background of the video. The same concept used to make the last stop motions was applied to this one. The only thing different was that I edited the video to make it seem like it was more of a music video or a trailer for a song. The song playing in the background is "D.A.N.C.E." by Justice. The video is shown beneath this post.
    The things that i learned from doing this project are that it is important to keep the same frame or dimensions of the picture to make it seem like the video has more of a flow. I problem that I had while making this project is that you have to take many pictures for the video to be long. Within the second video, I took 140 pictures at it is less than a minute long. Overall, I had a good time doing this project.