Q2 Advanced Art

In the second quarter, Ms Hull gave us assignments that require time and effort. They were enjoyable but they took a lot of patience and mistakes. We started off with making collages, then moved on to drawing fabric pieces which was probably what took the most time and patience with making numerous mistakes. You can see that in the drawing itself. Then we had to take a picture that showed depth of field and also had to be edited with an editing tool. And lastly we had to create an illustration that represented a written book. I did mine on my favorite childhood book, The Giving Tree. 

Ms Hull was very hands on this quarter with helping me figure out where I needed to strengthen my art skills. She took her time and explained and even demonstrated on my artwork until I had a clear idea of what to do. That was what helped me the most through this quarter. My artwork this quarter represented only a small portion of what I am capable of achieving.