Q2 Artists Statement

   The first piece that we did for Quarter 2 was Blind Contour Drawings. This is where we picked an object or person to draw on a piece of paper but we weren't allowed to look at the paper when doing it or pick up the pencil. I feel like even though there were lines all throughout every drawing because we couldn't pick our pencils up off the paper they came out as abstract art and it wasn't us being perfectionists like we usually are. This assignment took 2 class periods for me the first hour was to draw and then the second class period was to color them in and submit them.

    The second piece that we did for Quarter 2 was Choose Your Painting. For this, it was a free draw and learning how to work with different types of paints such as watercolor, oil pastels and acrylics.I did mostly face paintings because I love drawing eyebrows and the last piece of mine were roses because they are my go to drawing. This took 4 class periods first class period and half of the second class to trace back over the drawings with a permanent marker.The last two class periods were painting and perfecting.

    The third piece that we did for Quarter 2 was Recreation Of A Piece Of Art. You could pick any artists and try and draw their drawings in their styles. I chose Toystory because I think the characters in the movies are so cute and are really fun to draw. I'm beyond happy with how all of my pieces turned out they look exactly like them! These assignments all took 4 class periods to draw. The first and half of the second I drew and traced back over with black color pencil to give them black outlines. The last two periods I colored them in and added extra effects to make them stand out more.

    The fourth Piece that we did for Quarter 2 was Illustration Of A Piece Of Writing. You could pick a song, book, poem, or even a line from a script and use those words written to create your version of what they mean to you in a picture. I chose 3 Songs Love is blind, Me, Myself and I and I'm every woman. I chose Love is blind because it was just a song I was listening to while drawing. I chose Me, Myself and I because it's a song I never get tired of and G-Eazy the artist of the song is one of my favorite people to listen to. Lastly, I chose I'm every woman by Whitney Houston because a couple weeks before doing this assignment my mom-mom passed away and Whitney was her favorite singer, I wanted to draw something that would mean a lot to her. This took 2 class periods. The first period to draw and color and the second to submit and erase any pencil marks.

    The Last piece that we did for Quarter 2 was Photo Editing. For Photo editing, we were recommended this app called Snapseed and this is where you can change different aspects of the picture to make it look way different than it did before. All of the photos I chose each meant something to me. This took 4 class periods to do. 3 classes, I worked on editing the photos and making more until the class ended. The last class was uploading them and putting them onto a document to upload the assignment.

    When looking back at all of my work for just this quarter I have grown as an artist and I have developed a more structured style for myself it's not final and it will never be final I will continue to grow and learn more techniques and abstract thinking ways to do my art for others to view in different ways. I'm excited to see what I can come up with in Quarter 3.