Q2 Artist's Statement

In quarter 2, I tried pushing myself and my art. First, I drew some blind contour drawings, a dog, two obamas, and my hand. I made 2 paintings. One is some dude stuffing an empty gun through his cranium, I just wanted to throw a few colors onto the paper and get something with it, exclusively red and black. Second one is a little more abstract. Some blue guy, I was experimenting with hues and such. Next is a rogue, I used a couple reference images for this in order to see how light works on the hair, body, and metal (the shoulder pad). This next lady with the troll hair was me just experimenting with a bunch of different brushes digitally, sort of abstract. This one, "smoke" is some lady holding a cigar and there's a lot of smoke, working on folds of clothes and shading again. This palm tree girl is more caricature esque. I'm trying to put more detail into my art, realistic or otherwise. For "eye", was practicing how the upper half of the face works, particularly the eye. I wanted it to be sort of creepy. This one, "lonely", I was trying to make a more complete piece, which is not something I do often. I focused quite a bit on the lighting and space background. I could have done more with the roses, but I don't usually do things like this. The last one is a photo edit of my cat. Made it bluer at the bottom, hue shifted a bit, and fixed lighting.