Q2 Artist Statement

The first thing we did this quarter was the blind contour drawings. I drew my a variety of things: my classmates, myself, people in the hallway and items around me. It took a few tries to get smooth, more connected drawings, but there are a few I am proud of. Next we colored them. I selected the colors for each drawing with my eyes closed, and was mostly satisfied with the results. The self portrait (fourth to right on the first slide) is my favorite with the watermelon boy next to it coming in second. After this, we were making our own painting. It took me a while to come up with inspiration, but I eventually got my idea after looking through a dog book and seeing the pug’s scrunched nose. I thought it would look interesting with an inked nose and eyes with a colorful contrasting background. I really like this piece, but I wish I had found this idea earlier, as I could have done multiple dogs. The recreating an art piece was especially fun. I love the movie Lilo and Stitch so much, so it seemed obvious to do a popular screenshot from the movie. I decided to do a mix of mediums (colored pencil, crayon, watercolor) to see if it would affect the textures of the drawing. Looking back, this was not the best idea - and If I ever recreate it I will stick to one medium. The piece of writing into art was difficult at first. I took the chorus of one of my favorite songs ‘Russian Roulette’ and went with a very colorful interpretation of the game they refereed to as love. The photo editing was my favorite thing so far! I tend to do this on my free time anyway, so I was able to pop out a bunch and submitted my favorites. The first two were originally very colorful, but I decided to eliminate most of them and focus on one tone. The next four I brightened up and changed some of the colors to make them pop. The grass/train track picture has a completely different style, with more blur and muted colors. For the last photo, I edited out the color in the background. Overall I enjoyed this quarter.