Q2 Artist Statement

For this quarter we did contoured lines, paintings, recreation paintings, illustrations of texts and photo edits. With the contoured lines I drew whatever was near me which was a pencil, a hat, my glasses, an expo marker, my laptop, my Totoro pillow and a photo. I used pencils and colored pencils for these pieces. These didn’t take long to draw and color, possibly an hour or 2.

The next thing we did were paintings. In total I made three which took about 4-5 hours to complete. All three paintings were painted with water colors. The first one I did was a girl in a rainbow dress, I used a photo reference for that one. The next painting is a man smoking while the smoke is a galaxy. The last one I painted was inspired by my cousin’s bridesmaid. The wedding was a rustic type theme so I added branches, leaves and a flower crown to the painting.

The recreation paintings also took around 4-5 hours. For this assignment I did a simple festive christmas cat silhouette in Sakura Koi water color paints. As well as a bird in various positions. That one was also done with Sakura Koi water colors and a Sakura micron brush pen in black.

The illustration for texts I chose to do 2 songs. Both OSTs from dramas I really enjoyed watching. Both of these together took a total time of 4 hours. The first one is done in Copics, pencil and Sakura micron brush pens. The OST for the first illustration is from the drama “I’m Sorry, I Love You.” The song being Park Hyoshin’s Snow Flower. The next piece is from the drama Hwarang’s OST, “Even If I Die, It’s You” sung by Taehyung and Seokjin. That piece was also created using Copics, pencils and Sakura mircons. I decided to leave the heart in pencil and no touch it because I thought it wouldn’t look nice if I lined and colored it.

Lastly are the photo edits. I created 7 photo edits in total. All of them taking a few hours 2-3. All of the photos I had taken over the years, they were unused in my camera roll. So I thought I could make a good use and edit them for this assignment, I used 2 different photo editing apps, being Snapseed and Pixlr. All the photos were either taken in Philly, California or Florida. The first photo created was the one I took in California during the summer, I used Pixlr to edit that one. I wanted to leave only the sky and ocean colored because the blues were beautiful shades. The next photo was created in Snapseed, I used a photo from a botanical garden that I had taken in Florida. I liked a older and darker look for this plant. The tree photo I wanted to keep it simple due to the pretty colored leaves. The “Donut Baby” photo was of my baby cousin. I wanted to keep that one simple as well, but also make it look a bit older with filters. The photo next to “Donut baby” is that of my friend. For his edits I wanted a more older looking theme. For the second to last edit was the bird in California. I wanted a colder, bluer theme. Due to the cool winds and water. I wanted more focus on the bird so I decided to blur a bit of the surroundings in the photo. Lastly are the pink roses. Similar to the “Killer Plant” edit I wanted a darker, older theme. Just not as dark as that one. I created a darker background while trying to keep the roses in the lovely pastel pink. The pink of the roses is what I wanted to stand out the most in this edit.