Q2 Artists Statement

This quarter, I created multiple pieces that showed my interests as an artist. In the first two assignments, the blind contour drawings, I chose photos and objects I had frequently seen/used and did my best to draw them without looking away from them. The two of ten I chose to display in my slideshow were my favourites- Mob, from Mob Psycho 100, and my laptop. I think I did really well with drawing them, and I find myself being proud of them the most out of all ten drawings I created. 
For the next assignment after the coloured in versions of the contour drawings, we did paintings. I did two different paintings, both of which were characters I created. The first was done with acrylics, and I'm super super proud of it (it's hanging on my wall now) and the other was water colour, because I was getting sick of sticky acrylic paint. I really loved this assignment, I found myself really enjoying painting. 
The following assignment was recreating art, and I really went out a whim with this one and picked random things to recreate. I did the same picture of Mob from the first assignment, as well as two album covers. The yellow one is Inferiority Complex by Park Kyung, and the other is Pentagon by the group Pentagon. The yellow one is also hanging on my wall now, I'm so so proud of it. I posted it- everywhere, and showed everyone when I'd finished it. The other two weren't my best work, but I still think I did well on them as it was my first time really using pastels for actual projects. I might try using them again next quarter. 
The assignment after that one was drawings based on works of writing. The first drawing is of a character I associate with the terms "choose your fighter" and "choose your weapon" and there's really- nothing much else to that drawing, which is kind of sad in the long run but it's one of my favourite drawings of that character I've made in a while? The other was based on a Block B song, Toy, and I'm not super happy with how it turned out. I had really big plans for it, but found myself frustrated and unmotivated to continue trying, so I kind of gave up and did what I could with what I had. If I'd tried a bit harder, I could've accomplished what I'd originally set out for I think.
In the final weeks assignment, we had to work with photography. I picked a few photos I'd taken in my photography class, and edited them a bit more using the programs we were given. The first is of a sign I found walking through the city, the second of my friend, and the third of niece. There's not a lot to explain with them, as it was really just- take a few photos, and have fun getting used to photo editing. If I'd had the time to really go and take new photos and explore more with it, I might've enjoyed the project a bit more, but I'm still happy with the end result of this project. 

The bottom line of this unreasonably long statement is that I think I had a great quarter, and I'm super pleased with the work I've been doing. I need to get better at turning things in on time, but the work I'm producing leaves me feeling happy and satisfied as an artist.