Q2 Benchmark: Memoir Vignette

Our memoir Vignette was a basic story about an event that happened to us in our lives. ​We had to summarize it and not tell our whole life story, this was more of a show not tell project. We had to show our audience or the reader through our words so we used stylistic devices. We also had to outline the stylistic devices we used. Which made readers Want to read on and not want to stop reading. 

“No not the Nets!!”

By Tyanna Pleasant

  Tyanna, one great definition for a scaredy cat (opener). That was not always a perfect word to describe me. Ever since Amusement parks and I was introduced to each other, it just was not the same for me. The day my family and I went to this amusement park was the same day that I was convinced never to try an attraction that looks way too scary, way too challenging, or way too high off the ground  (repetition for effect) (Magic 3). Well I am going to tell you my story.

Two years ago on a lovely, bright, fun filled Saturday (Magic 3) in the summertime, my beautiful family and I decided to pay Sesame Place a visit. Unfortunately, while in the car I was very upset because from the name of the park, I can already tell that I was not gong to have any fun or any type of excitement or thrill there. I really did not want to be there, sitting in the small KIA Spectrum with my aunt, cousin, brother, sister, and my mom. My aunt said that the park is going to be really exiting and I was going to enjoy myself, but the more she talked about it the more I didn’t want to be there. We enjoyed ourselves and shared memories with each other in the car and while we walked around the park until, my eyes got stuck on an attraction that goes by the name of Nets ‘n’ Climbs. It stared back and gave me that you cannot stand a chance against me look so, in my opinion it challenged me to a duel (personification); since were at Sesame Place, I had the thought that nothing there was on my level of challenging. Therefore, I accepted the challenge, of course. The challenge was to climb from the beginning of the net to the end, which sounded like something easy, quick, and fun (magic 3) to do. I was very confident in myself. You should have saw me I showed off, strutted up those tall, long, spiral stairs (Magic 3) to the top where the nets began. When I reached the top of the stairs, I was surprised, so surprised that I could not even speak to describe what was going on inside my head. I was even more surprised (rep 4 effect) that I could barely feel my legs while they shivered in my pants moving fast like a running car’s motor. (simile) I was extremely surprised that I could feel my heart beating inside of my rib cage. The net was three stories high with about 200 feet of suspended net tunnels; it looked life threatening. As soon as I saw the monstrous (adjective) net, I backed down. Nope not me, I was not going to do it, I was not going to climb that net, nope not me, and I defiantly did not want to look at it even longer. So I dashed all the way back down the tall, long, spiral (magic 3) stairs back to the bottom where it all started. Unfortunately, my sister who stood at the bottom of the attraction in her shorts and tank top was burning up from the heat from standing in the sun, was watching me the entire time.  She ran up to me as soon as she saw me at the bottom of the stairs fast like a desperate cheetah running after its dinner (simile) she laughed at me non-stop making it hard for her self to catch her breath and talk. After laughing, she finally asked me ”What happened. (Dialogue)” I said “My dear sister, never judge a book by its coverShe said” Why what happened? You are okay right?” I said, “Yea I’m alright. Just do not judge anything or someone by its appearance until you actually try it or meet that person well enough so you can judge them or its performance. Judge them or it by their personality and not their looks please because looks are deceiving. That’s coming from the experience I just had.” (Dialogue).

While I walked away with my sister, I felt like the Nets ‘n’ Climbs had eyes, and they were staring me down (Personification) like an owl hunting for a mouse in the night. (Simile) I was willing to beat something that I knew nothing about which turned out to be something I did not expected it to be like. That day I also learned to never judge a book by its cover. Just because we are at Sesame Place, which is based on the show Sesame Street, which is a children’s show on PBS kids, does not mean that it is a place where older children cannot go to enjoy themselves, but older kids shouldn’t underestimate the capability of certain attractions and rides there. Unfortunately, that day I was convinced never to try an attraction that looks way too scary, way too challenging, or way to high of the ground (Repetition for effect).