Q2 Media Fluency

Q2 Media Fluency (1)
In our 9th grade tech class we were told to create one slide to represent who we are. We needed to use the resources we were given, such as Presentation Zen, to make eye catching slides that look like they could be on billboards. I mainly focused on color contrast and used a warm color, yellow, on top of a cool color, blue. To pull everything together I used black and white. I also used different fonts to keep the eye interested. Then to match the font colors yellow and white, I put a yellow sun with a white stroke in the left bottom corner under my name. This is bleeding off of the slide to make it seem bigger and more engaging. 
Q2 Media Fluency #2
After receiving various critiques from my classmates and peers; I have changed my slide for the better. Before I was left with a lot of negative space, tangents, visual confusion, and awkward placement. Now I have rearranged the placement of my name, the rest of the words, the sun, and got rid of the stroke surrounding the sun. I also changed my font, enlarged the words "Professional Bathroom Singer" and placed my name, italicized, inside of the sun. Each word's kerning is now the same because I made the font universal. I kept the sun bleeding off of my slide, the color contrast, and also the general spacing of my text. I learned so much from listening to the conversations of my classmates and my teacher. I learned about tangents, kerning, bleeding off of slides, color contrast, and overall how to put together an eye-catching slide.