Q2 Media Fluency

Hello class

I have given my slide the title of "Just Taking My Time" because that is exactly what i do with my life. I don't rush things, I never do things all at once. The tortoise is a strong representation of my life.

I bled the picture to make it seem as it was coming onto to the slide from offstage.
The tortoise was a visual aid for my slide.
There is also lots of empty space so the audience can focus on just the words and the picture.

The bolded and contrasted "TIME" is so the audience can focus on that one word and know it is important because it stands out.


From this project I have learned presentation zen. I have always seen billboards and slides with good eye-catching designs. I have never known the proper names for the effects until now. I have learned about “bleeding” and “kerning”. I learned about the basic fundamental knowledge of slide design. Color contrast, boldness, and font is something I improved in. I feel that knowing more about the slide design will help me with presentations in my other classes.