Q3-4 Slideshow - Lauren Matthews

Some of the art I create for Quater 3 include a bike drawing, an optical illusion, different shaded forms, an eye drawing, and a mandala. I feel like my artwork was rushed and I could have spent more time my assignments. All but my most recent assignment has color and I feel like the other assignments are more dramatic with the black and grey shading. The mandala looks so joyful and colorful rather than my optical illusion which looks scary. 

While making art this quarter I realized that the assignments seemed easier and that is why I spent my studio time the way I did. it took a lot of hours to give my art the grade that it deserved and I feel like it was worth it. I traced over most of my drawings then outline then with pencil or dark marker to make it more appealing. The shading form assignment, for example, took the most time because I kept erasing to show the different types of shading. I even used a paper towel to smooth out the shading to make it look softer. 

I would like people to know that even though I rushed my art process this quarter, it actually gave me time to realize that I need to work on my time better. I know next quarter not to rush my assignments and start as soon as I get the chance in order to do my best. I would also like to use more color for my drawings to make a point that my art means something to me.