Q3-Español Proyecto

Describe the Q3BM: what was the assignment?  What did your group decide to do and why?

The Assignment was to make a website to help the experience of a spanish speaking person coming to Philadelphia. We had to include places, event, types of food, and ways that the culture is different in Philadelphia. 

What did you learn from doing this project?  

I learned about some Philadelphia event that I have never even heard of. I also learned where some things were in Philadelphia that I never saw before. 

How do you feel about your final product?

I think that overall the project worked out okay. The website turned out to look very cool. 

If you could do your project all over again, what would you do differently/the same?

If I could do this project all over again, I would plan out exactly what I wanted to say for each topic before I just started writing it all in spanish. 

Directions for Blog: When you are on the blog, to look at what each person did, click "flipcard" in the header bar. After clicking on that click "author" below the header bar. After doing that you can see who did what. Next to my posts it will say "Dejah".