Q3 Art Reflection

1. I have accomplished drawing the walls, ceiling, windows, and floor. I understood those, but I had a very hard time with the door on the right wall, the table & stool. The ceiling was a little tricky but that was because my box was a little bit off, when I fixed that then my wall came out better. The table was the biggest problem, I should have drawn it closer to the back wall.
2. If I could do this project differently then I would draw the door on the right wall better. The 3D was off. Also, I would fix my perspective of the table. It should be more looked at from the top. 

3. Luis was successful because his table is closer to the back wall, his ceiling has a good allusion, and his door is correctly drawn. He did a better job than me, and I can learn from him and fix my mistakes.

4. In a one point perspective drawing you have to always have all your lines going to the vanishing point. If not then, the allusion would be ruined and your drawing will look funny. Your drawing would be incorrect. The vanishing point makes things look 3D, like the room. Your vanishing point is what helped make everything in your drawing look slanted, but it made the drawing look like you were actually looking in the room, at the back wall.
photo (5)
photo (5)