Q3 Art Reflection

  • a. What do you feel like you accomplished with your final drawing?  
  • After finishing the final drawing, I feel like a accomplish something that I could have not done when I first attended this class. I understand how to draw the perspective now in 3d correctly instead of 2d.

  • b. What would you change or differently if you could do this project again?
  • If I could do this project again, I would add more details such as more tables and chairs and color it.

  • c. Find a drawing on the wall that you think is successful. Describe it. Why is it successful?
  • I believe the drawing Sam did was successful because it is well drawn with neat lines and all the line meets the vanishing point. It has lines that are light and some shading that make the picture smoothing and nice to look. 

  • d. What did you learn about one point perspective?
  • I learned that one point perspective is fun and that if you want it to look right, you need a vanishing point and you have to use your eyes to make sure the line are straight and parallel to the line across.