Q3 Art Reflection

  • What do you feel like you accomplished with your final drawing?  (keeping the rubric in mind. 20pts. - back wall, 20pts. side wall, 20pts. ceiling, 20pts. floor, 20pts. table/chair = 100pts.
I feel like I accomplished most of the requirements but am unsatisfied with my chair and back windows. Also, I didn't draw a door which I feel is essential in a room.
  • What would you change or do differently if you could do this project again?
I would have wanted to use my time more efficiently so I would have the opportunity to fulfill all of the requirements to my satisfaction. Maybe I could have created a schedule for me to organize my time because we were given a good amount of time, there was just a lot to do.
  • Find a drawing on the wall that you think is successful. Describe it. Why is it successful?
I thought a drawing on the far left side of the room is successful. The artist's stool is well defined but crooked. The artist justifies them-self by saying, "The stool I was modeling my drawing after was crooked." I appreciate the artist's dedication to draw what they see, even if it looks odd.
  • What did you learn about one point perspective?
I learned that the diagonal lines from your vantage point to the edge of your shape are called orthogonals. I learned how to create a 3D shape in 1 point perspective! I enjoyed drawing my initials and then making them 3D with orthogonals and vertical lines.