Q3 Art Reflection // Chernowski

  • a. What do you feel like you accomplished with your final drawing?  (keeping the rubric in mind. 20pts. - back wall, 20pts. side wall, 20pts. ceiling, 20pts. floor, 20pts. table/chair = 100pts.
I feel like I accomplished everything on my final drawing that was on the rubric. However I think I could have made my walls more eye catching by adding more details such as the paintings and the clocks, little things essentially.

  • b. What would you change or differently if you could do this project again?
If I did this project again I would not necessarily change things on a large scale, but instead focus on the details. For example I would add the things on the walls and would erase the unnecessary lines and make my final lines darker.

  • c. Find a drawing on the wall that you think is successful. Describe it. Why is it successful?
One drawing I found successful was the one on the far left of the room. It contained all the necessary requirements, and I liked where the table was placed. The artist decided to put the table not exactly in the middle, but slightly to the right. They also put the stool to the left of the table. This brings out my artistic knowledge and I start thinking that they placed the table and stool that way to catch the viewer's eyes. One thing I learned in my 8th grade Art Class last year was placement significance, so I liked that I could connect my past knowledge with this piece. 

  • d. What did you learn about one point perspective?
I took lessons about one point perspective before, but I still learned new things. I learned that the lines that connect to the view point were called Orthogonals. I also learned how to, in a sense, graduate from doing a flat perspective drawing in a room. I learned how to make doors, windows, and frankly anything pop out in a more 3D fashion.