Q3 Art Reflection - Kate Kopf

a. What do you feel like you accomplished with your final drawing?  (keeping the rubric in mind. 20pts. - back wall, 20pts. side wall, 20pts. ceiling, 20pts. floor, 20pts. table/chair = 100pts.
I'm very proud of myself for my artwork. I know it's not the best and could be a lot better, but I have worked very hard on it, constantly working hard in and out of class. I put a lot of effort into this drawing and kept going even if I got frustrated, which I did. I believe the final drawing turned out well and portrays a lot of the parts of the wall well, on sides and walls.

b. What would you change or differently if you could do this project again?
If I could do anything different, I would try to work more out of class. I could have more time to work on the drawing, and make it more precise, detailed, and overall better. More time means I could be patient with myself and really make sure every line is perfect.

c. Find a drawing on the wall that you think is successful. Describe it. Why is it successful?
The drawing I found has a lot of detail, but is still really neat and carefully drawn. It has almost all of the parts of the wall they drew and the drawing seems to be to scale, all of the parts looking right in relation to each other. If you look close you can also see that the lines have been carefully drawn and each one is accurate, going to vanishing point or being vertical or horizontal.

d. What did you learn about one point perspective?
This drawing really improved my one point perspective skills. Before this I would have been afraid to just look at something in the room and attempt to draw it, but now I feel a lot more confident and I think that it would turn out pretty decent. Overall, drawing this gave me a lot more confidence in drawing and I feel like I can draw a lot more thing in one point perspective than I could before.