Q3 Artist's Statement

In quarter three, I completed 4/5 assignments. 
In the first two weeks, we created a large bike drawing. I feel like I did relatively well in creating a bike drawing that met all of the requirements, and I even got to use my copic markers to make the drawing look nicer when I messed up my lining in the end. 
In weeks three, four and five we had smaller, single week projects. Week three was optical illusions. I chose to do something simple; the hand illusion you're taught in grade school. It was kind of a cop-out since I didn't really have a drive to do this project, but I made sure both parts of it were complete nonetheless. Week four was shading forms, which I didn't do. Week five was eye drawings, and I made two of those. I draw eyes a lot, so they end up kind of rushed, and less realistic and more stylised to how I usually draw them. I liked the work I produced a lot, though. 
Week six was our final project; the mandala. I was, again, given the chance to use my copic markers and make something look really pretty. I made the mandala in a rush, though, and managed to finish and colour it in around an hour and a half at home right before the deadline, and it still turned out really nice. 

I think it was another successful quarter, and I'm definitely getting much better at turning things in on time.