Q3 Benchmark: Serbia and Peru

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​For the quarter 3 benchmark, the countries I chose were Serbia and Peru. They're both similar and different in a lot of ways. Serbia and Peru both are friendly and good trading partners in the industry. They both also suffer from water pollution and mining problems. Something interesting but also shocking was that the waste in Serbia has increased from 68,000 tons to 176,00o tons in only 7 years. An interesting fact about Peru would be that the country isn't hostile with other countries but inside of Peru there's so much violence and the system is so corrupted.

The process for my project was a little complicated. It was complicated because the information was hard to gather. The first thing that I did was get all of my information for Serbia after that was done i got all of the information for Peru. After I got all of the information that I needed I got the pictures and started the google doc presentation format. I then laid out how i wanted my presentation to look and began to assemble it.

The 5 point framework was difficult to find in my opinion. I had to really dig into websites to even get a good sense of what something was talking about. It was also hard because there isn't a lot of information on Serbia. I got all of the information that was needed but it was not an easy process to me. It made me think and spend a little bit more time then I wanted to gathering the information for the 5 point framework.

If I could change my project, I would probably make a video. I would probably make a video because it might keep peoples interest more but then I thought about all the information that would have to be on it and I didn't know how to make it come across people with out having a whole lot of words on the video and people having to read it. That's why I chose to do a Google Doc Presentation. I thought that would be acceptable to have all the information on a slide and I got to design each one with pictures that went with the topic of the slide.

Some feedback would be to have different check points for the project. I thought that since I had the twelve days i would leave it and start it the week before it was do. I didn't think about all the other work that I was getting and I fell behind with the project. I think that check point would help me be more organized and help keep me on track. Other then that I found out some good information on Serbia and Peru.