Q3 Benchmark Reflection

This project relates to the world in many ways. One way it relates to the real world is in architecture and design. Contractors really do the things that we did for a living. They make blueprints of the building that they are making changes to and they measure everything.Then they take that, and they start making real renovations to the house that they are working on. They use the same math and technique as well. Even people who actually need to build a house or remake one probably uses the techniques that we used. Basically everything that we learned is used in real life by people who really do this type of stuff. 

The most exciting portion to this project was actually going outside because we never do that. The least exciting portion to this part was also going outside because it was really cold. Also it was annoying how my measurements came out differently each time so I didn't know which one was right. I also didn't like the google maps part because the tutorial link wasn't working. So I didn't know how to submit the heights of my group's buildings. Other than those minor things, the project was fine. It helped a lot to know how to calculate my measurements. If I didn't it probably would have been harder since that was basically the bulk of the project. 

I learned the different methods that can be used to find the heights of buildings. I didn't know that you could use a picture of something to find the hieght of a building (known as the picture method). I would have never thought about that. I also learned that you should check to see if your height is accurate because not every method gives you the accurate height. I got a better understanding about the mirror method as well. For a more accurate height, it's best that you don't lean towards the mirror. That would help with a more accurate height. 

Screen Shot 2013-03-18 at 8.05.56 PM
Screen Shot 2013-03-18 at 8.05.56 PM