Q3 NHD Benchmark and Reflection

I chose the topic because I wanted to know more about it. History has never really interested me but looking at what other people(in this case nations) think and do to a person(nation) that they dislike is always some sort of spark to get me into watching or looking what happens. I chose the website format because I felt that I knew what I was doing and could create a good product with different aspects like both text and video instead of just text or just video. I ran into trouble in this project with the process paper because I am not strong in the writing area so it took me a while to get to writing the paper. I thought that I combined the video and the written parts very well and did well in getting primary sources to back it up. If I had to do it over I think I would change topics because the topic I picked was old and depressing and was not as good of a topic as I originally thought it would be. I would also change the way I went about the project because we were told we would have class time so I tried to use that to get people to look at it and help me but we never got class time so it was never critiqued well because my time after school is filled with responsibilities so there was never really enough time. I learned that my new time management has to get even better and I learned that I should never underestimate a project that looks small cause if it looks small its actually gigantic.