Q3 Reflection #3: Los viajes espaciales en globo, listos para 2016

Temperance Moore
Ms. Manuel 

"The CEO of the company World View, Jane Poynter, explained that space travel planning your balloon can lift company-tourists to 30 kilometers above the Earth will be ready to start in 2016 and that in principle have been programmed about 50 flights per year. The project prepares World View is an alternative to space tourism with Virgin Galactic. In this case there is no rocket, but the flight is to propel a balloon-similar to that used adventurer Felix Baumgartner to jump from the stratosphere, which carries a capsule from which tourists can see the blackness of space and have a unique view of the Earth, says the project on its website. " This article is about travel space balloon that plan.   Also the article said, "The landscape is the same as that offered by Virgin Galactic , but travelers from World View will not experience the absence of gravity, even though both tours last about two hours. This may be the reason that, compared to 250,000 euros for the company to fly with Richard Branson, balloon travelers only have to shell out more than 54,000 euros.Poynter explained in an interview with Space.com, which are still studying different launch sites. Among the leading candidates are Arizona and Las Vegas. Similarly, wanted to claim the role of the balloons in science "for decades," so it is "a very established market." "I think the article is very interesting.

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