Q4-4 Slideshow, Blog, Artist’s Statement

Some of the art that I created for this quarter were all drawings. The drawings weren’t hard, but it took lots of patience. I usually traced my drawing before outlining them with a dark pencil or Sharpie marker. The inspiration for these drawing came from recreated artist pieces that I found on google. One of my favorite drawings that I have created was the Line Drawings. My line drawings took the most time and I was more detailed when drawing them.

The one main material that I used for all of my artwork was a pencil. I also used charcoal to add different shades on grey to my artwork to make it more realistic. Outside sources for shading was different shading form images and website that I searched on google. I used the charcoal during my studio time because it can get real messy at times. Then I used color pencils to bring my art to life and less dreary and dark.

One of the many things that happened while creating my art was that I learned how to expand my horizons. My previous artwork was focus around the saem ideas for each quarter. As for this quarter, I looked at examples that seem harder for me to design in order for me to explore different art techniques. I would like people to know that the process of creating my artwork was a challenge because I don’t like drawing mostly. So I got over my discomfort and excelled from it.