Q4 Art Portfolio

Quarter 4 we were allowed to pick and make our own assignments with a rule that they should each take you a hour or longer. I wanted to go all out on my art projects I wanted to include all my art talents into each project. This included painting, collaging and teamwork. To make my projects fun I wanted to have a theme so each of my projects included newspaper in the theme. I was either a news paper background, a somewhat comic from a newspaper or it was a story from a newspaper and each piece of work can tell a different story like newspapers do,

My first project was basic shapes and collaging I used the red colors as fire to represent the many forest fires that we're killing our own environment with. This piece involved water coloring and the splatter technique to get the feeling of fire. The glitter might be a little hard to see but it's supposed to show the glow fires have.The second project shows the beauty in our environment, I wanted painting to stick out so I painted them black and added accents of color to give the eye something to look at. It's the good and bad of nature. 

I had so much fun with my first ceiling tile I wanted to do more. I made one big one and two little ones. The first one had a twist on an old 80's comic, I wanted to use bolder colors than the original comic it took a little longer to get the details in the face and the tear drop. I was proud of the way mines came out especially the girls hair. The little ceiling tiles are two of the few places I want to travel to because everyone does a Philly skyline I wanted to leave the borders of America and adventure out. Tokyo and Johannesburg are beautiful places so they were fun to draw and paint.

    Overall I had a lot of fun with my art assignments and look forward to creating a lot more. I couldn't have done it without the help of my lovely art partners in crime who helped cut out the many many pieces of paper for each background. Gave me the motivation to paint and even gave great feedback. I hope you enjoy my four lovely master pieces.

                  Thank You