Q4 Art Work

The last quarter of the year was fun because we had a different type of drawing. I had seven different type of drawing. Week 1 was figure drawing and I was excited to start the quarter well so I put a lot of work into this drawing. I wanted to draw a person figure drawing. At first, it was difficult because I made the head very huge but I work around it and made a nice drawing. Week 2 Line drawing I put a lot into drawing a nice line drawing when I was searching for line drawing and found a nice picture. Week 3 Digital Drawing was different from another drawing since it was online. I have already drawing online so it was very fun. Week 4 Illusion Drawing was kind difficult but fun because make it look 3D. Week 5 Practice Texture Drawing was difficult because we need a lot of detail. Week 6 Value Drawing I had to make sure it had different type shade to make it nice. The last drawing Element drawing I wanted to use digital editing and drawing to make a masterpiece for my last drawing. Overall I have enjoyed art class because it was different from other class.