Q4 Artist Statement

This quarter, I learned a variety of skills that I added to my inventory of tools. A lot of the tools were specifically for drawing, which was great for me because that is the medium of art I prefer. We did so much in this quarter, I feel like I did the most this quarter.
The first project, we did edited photos that we took. We used different methods such as coloring, cutting, and for the final method I used I put two pictures on top of each other. This, I learned about the basics of photo-editing that will be incredibly useful in the future if I have jobs related to media work.
The second project, we did work relating to form. This was useful because I learned a lot about how to proportion my drawings of full-bodied people correctly. This is incredibly useful considering I tend to draw a lot of comic book-style art.
The third project, we did line work. We had to practice a variety of exercises that strengthened the way I drew lines. For example, I had to do one line drawings meaning I had to complete a drawing of an object without taking a break and it had to be one continuous line. This was difficult considering it was uncomfortable. This lesson added on to my armory of tools relating to drawing.
The fourth project, we had to do a digital drawing. This was one of the easier projects because I already had experience in digital drawings from doing them in the past. It was fun to do again because it brought back a lot of memories.
The fifth project, we had to do drawings that utilized space. This helped a lot with my skill on perspective because space has a lot to do with perspective, so I sharpened my skills on 3D like drawings. This was a lot of fun to draw too because Muhammad Ali is one of my inspirations.
The sixth drawing was the most challenging for me. We had to practice drawing textures and we learned different methods for drawing different kinds of textures. While this was the most challenging, I also learned a lot from this one. I got better at drawing things more life-like. I was mainly used to drawing just plain line drawings, but this project helped create variety in my lines.
Then, for the final project, I just utilized everything I learned and put it all into one project. This project helped me learn how to utilize my drawing arsenal and put it all into one big final project. It also helped me sharpen each of the skills that I used in making this drawing. This quarter was the most productive for me because it focused mainly on a medium of art that I was familiar with and that I plan on pursuing.