Q4 Benchmark

My favorite benchmark was the most recent benchmark because it was more beneficial to me than anyone else. This benchmark wasn’t all about learning new topics, because it was a study guide to help us out later on in life. Despite that it had to be the most beneficial benchmark out of all the benchmarks  we had over the course of the year. I applied statistics by using what I already knew and just making it into a study guide/tutorial. I felt like this was a great benchmark to do because it wasn’t exactly complicated but I feel like it was a nice way to finish out the year, especially when all the seniors are really just thinking about graduating and senioritis may still be lingering in our bodies.  The easiest part of the benchmark had to be when I just had to research my topics, because it was so easy I made sure to make my explanation super detailed so I could possibly get extra points for going over the top. It was also very easy to pick out the topics that I wanted to do because I could pick something that I could easily understand. The hardest part was definitely trying to explain everything in detail, I just feel like I had to explain everything very very well, by this I mean I basically did 2 pages for every topic and while that might not seem like a lot, It is when you have to work on like 10 different topics.


Inquiry: What have I learned over the year that could help me with this final benchmark? How does my understanding of the topics help me out? At this point we have a good central basis of what statistics is and from that we can branch out to different schools with our basic understanding and just expand our knowledge. My understanding of the topics helped big time, I literally mean that because if I sat there trying to learn some topics It would have taken a much longer time.


Research: Why would we look up the classes we are taking next year? How does that help us with the benchmark?  I think we looked up the classes for next year just to get a basic understanding on what we will have to be ready for next year, it helped us with the benchmark because maybe some of our tutorials had to do with the topics.


Collaboration: Not much to say here, I didn’t really collaborate with anyone while trying to complete my project but I guess I could’ve asked how were they presenting their information and what different computer programs they were using to do this.


Presentation: I didn’t really get fancy at all with this benchmark, I used basic notebook paper to create my tutorial and I used a word document to produce the written portion of my benchmark.


Reflection: After all this I would say that I worked very very hard on this project, but I must say, if I had done better earlier in the year then I would be in a different position than I am now.