Q4 glblzn benchmark

​So "endeth" the final history benchmark I will ever do at SLA.  It's been a long four years. I'd say this project was difficult in its entirety.  It was hard to pick 10 adequate Philadelphia representations of globalization.  Some of the things we thought worked didn't count.  However the hardest part was probably getting all the pictures.  It was a bit aggravating to travel all around the city to take photos, and took up time.   The first day I just wandered in the direction of China-town, hoping to just snap away as many workable pictures as possible.  I hadn't yet figured out each example I wanted to use, but still wanted to utilize the photography day.  After that I figured out what was left and got those independently.   My favorite photo is probably the one of the reading terminal market, not for historical reasons or picture aesthetics, but because that place has ridiculously good food and I have been going since I was a little kid.  I think globalization is present in philadelphia, but not always in obvious photographable ways, but in ideas.  However it is an urban area, so the globalizations factors are pretty prominent.  You could probably see evidence in any city, though prominence may vary based on location (wall-street, white house, gayborhood...)  Cities have always been cultural crossroads, and areas of attractions to other countries.