Q4BM Español 3 Semana #1

Meaningful Questions and points:

  1. What is your native language? 
  2. Was it difficult learning a new language? 
  3. What are some things you remember from your experience of learning a new language? 
  4. What were some difficulties of moving to a new place where you did not understand or speak the language? 
  5. Have you kept your native language, and or passed it down to other generations? 
  6. What were some benefits or downfalls  in your life growing up in a bilingual home? 
  7. What were some difficulties in attending school or work when english was not the primary language spoken at home? 
  8. How has learning two languages helped your life?

    Este audio es de los preguntas ariba. Yo hablo con una de los estudiantes de SLA, quien sabia español. Este audio es de Yadi

Spanish w_ Yadi