Quarter 1 Artwork

Artist's Statement 
For my final project I created a ceiling tile painting, fall wall hanging, charcoal self-portrait, and a water color painting. I was most impressed with my charcoal self portrait because of how much it looked at me and how much expression was in the picture. I also liked my fall wall hanging because the anatomy looked very proportionate and I it had interesting cartoon style. My ceiling tile painting, and water color painting I was less impressed with and I think it's because my drawing skills are better than my painting skills. For the ceiling tile, I liked the idea of it, but I thought the final product was lacking because it was anatomically incorrect and the figure in the painting was a little stiff. I thought my water color painting was okay, but the subject was a little boring, and I wish I had painted something a little more exciting. I also think I need a little bit more practice with my water colors.                                      
A lot of my artwork, specifically when it's illustration, focuses on strong women because that's what a lot of the characters I draw are. My fall wall hanging, "Up Above", for example features a witch not only because it was halloween themed, but also to show witches (aka powerful women) in a positive light. In my ceiling tile, "Go Away", I have a cartoonish looking woman sitting down and bitterly telling someone to go away. In our society many women are told to not show anger and "smile" more no matter how they are feeling. I made this painting to combat that idea and show that both women and men should be able to feel whatever they want. My water color painting "Tools"  and self portrait "F**kboy" had less meaning behind them, but I still put a lot of work into them.