Quarter 2 Artist Statement

This marking period I made a lot of piece that I am proud of. With the blind contour drawings I feel as though I really pushed myself because I found it extremely difficult to draw without looking while still capturing the lighting and concept of what you are drawing. It was really hard to look at what I was drawing but not at the paper I was actually writing on but I learned that sometimes I need to focus on one thing at a time in order to really understand it. My favorite artwork came from us choosing our own paintings because I got to do what I wanted and use any method of painting I wanted. I had a lot of fun finger paints and drawing on that assignment. I got to relax with it more. With the recreation piece I was a little stressed because I knew I couldn´t live up to the original artist work. I feel like I tried to hard to make mine like theirs at first instead of making it my own but in the end I decided that I should do my own thing with it. The best piece I did this quarter came from the illustration piece. I decided to do something different with this one and I tried the method of blow drying crayons and letting them melt on a canvas. It was really messy but it was also super fun to do, I would love to get the oppurtunity to do it again. I worked really hard on that piece and did something outside the box and it benefitted me. Our last assignment was editing pictures and I think it was my favorite assignment assigned. I enjoyed taking the pictures that focused on one thing. I thought it made that thing stand out more. The editing process on the other hand was extremely hard to me because the website was really confusing but I eventually worked it out and got some great pictures out of it. Overall this quarter I think I progressed very well. Im starting to try a lot harder in the class and am enjoying art a lot more. There is a huge difference in my artworl now from before and I am really proud of it.