Quarter 2 Middle Art

This quarter was fun for me. It was a lot more hands on interactive with nature and I found out that I can actually draw better than I normally do.. This is the part where I say that I’ve grown as an artist or that I see me growing every time I draw when really I actually do. Compared to last quarter where something had to take me at least a certain amount to draw, that takes away from the art of things. When I draw I want to feel free and sometimes the best art doesn’t take the longest. Like the photography since I took the photography class last year and it opened my eyes to something new.. I just came naturally to me so editing was easier it’s whether or not to saturate the picture or take away the saturation and color and make it black and white. I am most proud of the picture for the hanging tree.. The song is deep by itself and it needed a deep picture. Like last quarter I’m proud of my work the more I draw the more I feel like I do grow as an artist, my confidence with my drawings has increased. I’m a looking forward to the last 2 quarters and what they have to hold for me.