Quarter 3

This quarter might have been the longest quarter yet. We had five different type of art pieces. We create a bike, optical Illusion, Shaded form, draw an eye, and make a mandala. The bike project was different because it was hard trying to freehand draw a bike. It didn't turn out to be the nice bike in the world but I proud that I did something new with a copy from the internet. The optical Illusion seemed to be hard when I first tried to choose the optical illusion online. I wasn't that proud of my Optical illusion I thought I could do better. The shade form I had this one three time over and over again. My first time it didn't look right at all because I'm horrible at shading. My final product was very nice I thought I did very well on. The eye drawing might be my best drawing this quarter. The reason I believe this because detail I put on eye made a lot different. Mandala was a successful project with the cool picture all over the website shown that this might be the hardest to draw I found one I really like and we you add color it changes it so much.