quarter 3 Artist statement

During the third quarter we had a handful of assignments, from Eye drawings to mandalas. We had to draw a bike as a first assignment, there was a bike put out and we drew it to the best of our ability. The second assignment we did was a optical illusion. We had did a room type of illusion. Our third assignment was shading forms, I tried to do my best with the circle but it was really hard trying to make it. The fourth assignment was the eye drawing, we drew our own eye and colored it. The fifth and last assignment was the mandalas. We had the choice to to them online or by hand. I did both, I did three online and printed them out and colored them in. My favorite assignments was doing the mandals because we were able to free draw in my opinion. I loved that we could put a whole bunch of colors into them. I also enjoys the different patterns and shapes.