Quarter 3 Benchmark Reflection

This project relates to the real world because buildings have to be measured, and there is more to getting the height of a building than it seems. In designing buildings, cities, and blocks it is important to be able to measure buildings and they aren't just something you can tape measure. Because they are so big, measuring them is much more involved. The project relates to the real world in that it is eye opening because getting the vital height of a building is harder than it looks. 

I can't say I found any portion of this project exciting. I didn't think it was an exciting project, but that doesn't mean it wasn't interesting. In general measuring buildings isn't very exciting and to me this project wasn't a rule breaker. The least exciting part of the project was the Google Map Log. I found this very uninteresting and underwhelming as it seemed pointless and boring and wouldn't let you input height measurements.

From completing this project I learned that measuring buildings is much harder than it looks without the use of trigonometry. I learned that it is also difficult to take a picture of large buildings from the front. I also learned that drawing 54 windows to scale is very time consuming and takes much more time than you would think. But most importantly I learned the significance of being able to measure buildings, especially with congruency and similarity applications. 

Picture Comparison
Picture Comparison