Quarter 4 - Benchmark

Week 1 - Sculptures


I looked up how to make a marine biome. In order to do this I just had to look up different animals and other objects that were found in the biome. Although you can't see it very well, the hardest part was gluing the sand to the shoebox and making it appear rippled like waves. 

Week 2 - Photoshopped Pictures ​


The first picture was a picture that I tried to photoshop. It didn't come out very well and I spent too much time just trying to perfectly cut myself out. The second photo I used flickr instead of photoshop. I find flickr easier to use, and easier for me to color contrast.

Week 3 - Copy a famous Artist 

original  remake

This was a picture that I found online. The different textures of the picture is was really intrigued me into trying to remake it. However one problem i had was trying to find the correct materials to try and remake the photo. In the end I couldn't find what to use, so I just used chalk pastels, but It didn't come out correctly.

Week 4 - Bike Drawing 

Line Drawing 

Negative Space


My bike drawings was the hardest part. I had a hard time trying to draw the bike and an even harder time drying to make them fit the requirements. I think my best bike drawing was the one where I used shading. This is mostly because that is one of my strongest skills, so that is the one I'm best at.

Week 5 - Outside Drawing 


This is the picture that I am most proud of this quarter. We had to draw a scene from outside and on that week I was sick, so I just googled a picture. It was a picture of a tree in the sunset. I used oil pastels and created a really nice blend of several different colors. This is my favorite piece of the year. :)